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Africa is the second largest of the world’s seven continents, occupying some thirty million square kilometers of land space. In terms of its population, Africa is the second largest populated continent, with almost a billion people today, of which almost 97 percent are indigenous Black African. There are some 1,800 known spoken languages in the continent with over three thousand ethno-linguistic peoples. Within the 55 countries, more than 20 have mega-cities with an excess of one million people.

According to Barrett’s 2001 statistics (2001:13), Christianity claims more adherents than any other religion in Africa; some 46 % of its people (or 360 million) profess some form of the Christian faith. Islam, still striving for the soul of Africa, attracts some 41 % of the continent’s population (317 million people). This figure includes the 130 million Muslims who live in the North African countries. Ethnoreligionists make up 12% (97 million people) of the total African population. While African traditional religionists appear to be in the minority in the continent of Africa, this course intends to show that, while Africans have joined other religions, they have not totally distanced themselves from their former traditional beliefs and practices.

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