300 Fun fact/Nutritional fact/Receipt

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Fun fact : describe a fact that present some irony, fun or extraordinary.

Nutritional fact : Act as an Technical fact about food. Have to be linked to the sport world and preferably to anabolic.

Receipt : All kind of receipt that fit a intense body training situation.

Top 5 and Top 10 : this category can relate any top in the anabolics world. (competition, record, product taken, protection used, brand, forum, etc…)

Did you know : this category has to be very interesting fact about anabolics and insensitive the user to know more about a specific fact or subject in the anabolic field.

We will start with 10 for each category. (60 results) and after review take a look for the rest.

Doing this job will require that you know a very basic knowledge about html tag.But don’t worry i will show you the model of each category.

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