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You MUST use a minimum of six (6)scholarly references

How do you define culture and cultural variation? Is it through considering national differences? Do different races and ethnicities have different cultures? Is culture about religion? The fine arts? Group membership? Clothing, food, and holidays? Values? Language? How would you define your culture? What does it mean to be multicultural? How do you understand aspects of cultures that are not your own?

Sociologists view culture as a multi-dimensional concept that can include all of the above-mentioned elements and more. In addition, cultures are not static. They are always changing as new ideas confront a culture through new inventions and the migration of people and ideas. As one example, the introduction of home computers and other computational devices have resulted in changed cultural expectations for learning and communicating in many cities, countries, and regions. However, in Lira, Uganda, where research by Dr. Jody McBrien conducted research for five years, home and school computers are rare, with the result that they have not created similar cultural changes. However, even many impoverished people there tend to have access to cell phones, and these have changed the ways in which they go about their daily lives.

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