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Assignment 4 – Tools for Technology Commercial

Part 1 Instructions 60-second commercial: Part I 1. Make sure you choose an organization that is known for being a technology leader (not a leader of technology). Please clarify if you don’t clearly see the distinction. 2. Through primary research/interview, identify the methodology and metrics the organization uses to evaluate a new technology that they are considering adding to their service portfolio/product lien. 3. Post your organization/industry along with the emerging technology you will describe being evaluated in the Discussion Board. First post gets the industry/tech – NO DUPLICATES 4. Using a Web 2.0 Tool that allows you to create a dynamic, exciting, jaw-dropping 60-second commercial spot worthy of Super Bowl marketing budgets. 5. Include the LTU logan “Possible is Everything” <—- after all it is ours and why should anyone else take the credit! o What is the Methodology – Tools that Measure the Emerging Technology to be considered? o Specifically state how the company measures prospective product/service by showing example (s)? o Identify how it succeeds or fails in being adopted by the organization through the presented adoption methods 6. 60 seconds maximum 7

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