Abu Ghraib Prison and the Power of the Situation

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Read Chapter 4 on the book of essentials of sociology: A down to earth approach (11th edition) Web Research plus use article I will sent to you in another link Abu Ghraib Prison and the Power of the Situation (with photos from the Web and Web research): analyze how the “power of the situation” affected how our soldiers treated prisoners in this Iraqi prison during the Iraqi War– list and explain each of the factors of the situation that produced these negative behaviors (factors of the situation that can change the behavior of even those who are “good” persons in other situations)

GOALS FOR the presentation AND the TOPIC:
1. Provide a summary of the author’s major thesis, ideas and terminology and their supporting evidence or examples. Provide additional creative examples of your own. Provide statistical data as is applicable to the topic.
2. Immediately at the start, define any important terminology or ideas that we may need to know as background information to prepare us for understanding the author’s thesis, or, to save time, place the definitions on your handout that you will provide to all class members. Provide an introduction and a conclusion, just as you would in a written essay.
3. Tell us the author�s major thesis, and then begin analyzing it.
4. Connect the author’s thesis to one or more theoretical perspective(s)�all that are applicable from this course: Functionalist; Conflict, Feminist, Symbolic Interactionist. (Help us to understand the following: Through which theoretical perspective(s) is the author framing the analysis? From which theoretical perspective(s) is the author arguing and analyzing to make points? How do you know this?)
5. Connect these new ideas from your topic to applicable ideas from other, prior conceptual knowledge and parts of our course: discussion topics, videos, demonstrations, lectures, prior student presentations, or ideas from the text.
6. Provide us with social examples that extend what the author has said. Explain how the author’s ideas are applicable to daily life, and why these ideas are important as a topic of sociological analysis.
7. Provide a general outline of your presentation in hard copy format for all class members. Bring this printed outline to class so that students AND professor can take notes directly on the paper you have provided. This is only a general outline. Students can complete the details while taking notes. At the top of the outline, include your name, the course name and number, and the days of the week and time that your class meets. Also include the title of the article, video, etc. and the author�s name. Use proper citations within the body of your work and place a full list of references at the end (using Chicago Style, APA, or MLA style). Stick to that style throughout the presentation.

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