Accounting Accountant Reflective Essay

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Part 2: Essay: Write a 2 page reflective essay (not counting your title and references pages) in which you discuss your response to the following ethics case. The essay should address the questions listed below, utilize appropriate ethics resources, and follow APA format and citation style.

Title your paper Section #_Unit 6 Assignment _Part 2. Then submit it to the Unit 6 Assignment: Part 2 Ethics Case Dropbox. Access the details of this Assignment in the Document located below.

Ethics Case:

You are an accountant in the budgetary, projections, and special projects department of Fernetti Conductor, Inc., a large manufacturing company. The president, Richard Brown, asks you on very short notice to prepare some sales and income projections covering the next 2 years of the company’s much heralded new product lines. He wants these projections for a series of speeches he is making while on a 2-week trip to eight East Cost brokerage firms. The president hopes to bolster Fernetti’s stock sales and price

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