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Assessment 2: Essay
TITLE: Certain conditions can compromise the successful acquisition of language in children. Select one such condition and critically examine how theory can explain language acquisition problems. What provisions are made for such children and how are these provisions supported theoretically?
The second assessment in this module is an essay. It considers children who have a specific difficulty, which in some way hampers their acquisition of language.
You will need to select one such difficulty for your essay. This module will focus on Dyslexia and Autism. There are many other disorders that can affect language acquisition and development e.g. Down’s syndrome, Deafness, Fragile X syndrome, which you can select if you prefer.
Studying and exploring language acquisition in children with a language delay will illuminate for you the complex yet fascinating nature of language difficulty, but whichever disorder you select you will need to research it in a prescribed way and present your project essay using the following guidelines
Select a specific language difficulty, investigate and critically reflect upon your chosen disorder under the following headings
Cause/Description of your chosen disorder:
Its effect on development, paying particular attention to implications for language acquisition and critically reflecting upon the usefulness of two theories of language acquisition, which you have studied, in explaining the impact of your chosen disorder on the acquisition of language. You should refer to relevant research.
Provision – must be made of 2 of the following issues under ‘Provision’:
? Inclusion in mainstream education/’special schools’
? The usefulness of labels in identifying language difficulties
? The role of specialists e.g. Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychologists
? The financial constraints on Local Authorities and the effect of this on provision
You must examine how the provision has been informed by theories of language development. Word Limit: 2500 words.

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