Acting as a Supply Chain Manager for Tesla you have been instructed to produce a “academic” business report with structured framework, academic literatures, theories, statistics and data

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You are required to choose a company that operates a global supply chain, in this case the company is Tesla Inc. Acting as a Supply Chain Manager for this organisation you have been instructed to produce a business report that analyses current global supply chain practices, identifies key areas where sustainability issues exist, and then makes a series of recommendations. The report should specifically address the following areas: 1. Explain how the concepts and frameworks of Sustainable Supply Chain Management relate to the organisation’s current operational and supply chain practices 2. Discuss the relationship between SSCM and organisational decision making 3. Through quantitative and/or qualitative data collection techniques, look critically into the supply chain operations of the chosen organisation and identify where changes/improvements could be implemented based on environmental and social performance considerations. 4. Provide recommendations on how the organisation’s supply chain can be made sustainable and identify any key challenges that may exist.

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