Annotated Works Cited List

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For this assignment, you need to provide information about two sources that you might use within your reflective rant essay.

Each source should be presented as a works cited entry. Each entry should be followed by an annotation that describes the source, evaluates it, and explains its value to the development of your reflective rant essay. As such, you will follow each entry with a numbered list of responses to these prompts:

(1) The category of the source

You must provide two sources, as follows:

One academic or scholarly source
One additional source of any type
(2) A summary of the source's thesis and/or its key points (do not copy from an abstract, write this yourself)

(3) How (specifically) this source may be useful

(4) Any potential limitations or drawbacks of the source

(5) Contextual information that you find relevant: the biography or credentials of the author, the expertise or reputation of the publication (for a journal or magazine, etc.), how it contributes to an existing conversation, etc.

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