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Paper 2: Critique Paper


You will examine and critique the Adler and Adler article on athletes and race.


Then examine similar SocA literature to see the similarities and differences.


Develop a lengthy set of questions about the article using the following pages.


The goal of this assignment is two-fold:


Examine the premise and underlying logic of an academic article.


Critique and/or support the position of the article with similar research.


Writing assignments must follow the following criteria:

  1. Each paper must be a minimum of 750 words.
  2. The purpose for each assignment must be clear in the paper.
  3. The audience in which the paper is intended must be obvious.
  4. The organization and writing style should be appropriate for the type of assignment.
  5. If the author used any outside sources (e.g., books, encyclopedias, internet/web resources, journal/magazine/newspaper articles, etc.), he/she must cite these sources properly using the citation method of their choosing.
  6. Proper paper formatting: 1 margins, 12pt font, double spaced.
  7. Must have Cover page with Name, Class name, Date and Paper Title.


A quick note on outside sources:


  1. find at least 3 articles pertaining to the subject. Download, read, take notes and cite.
  2. Examine the article to see if and how it applies to the critiqued article.
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