Article Critque 2 – week 7

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Select an article from independent readings, which must be recent and related to any of the course concepts presented in the texts.

The article does not have to be approved; it may be scholarly or applied business. Do not copy any portion of the article; discuss the article in your own terms, paraphrasing instead of quoting directly. The summary must relate the significance of the article to course concepts.

Even though the word “summary” is part of these assignments, they are really much more than that. Yes, you should summarize your chosen article succinctly. However, you need to expand far beyond that by synthesizing the article through incorporating your own insight and including illustrative examples, ideally ones that relate to your own professional experiences.

With regard to word count, a good guideline is 750 words, but feel free to go beyond that.

Course Objectives:

How to identify benefits and estimate costs of electronic commerce initiatives
How online business startups are evaluated and financed
When and how to outsource online business initiative development
How to manage and staff electronic commerce implementations

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