Article Memo

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Article Memo:

Note: Use the article attached with a file name “The ECB” to write the article memo. Don’t use any other sources, just the article.

Page 1: Use bullet points and provide one-page outline including all of the main and subsections of the article. Don’t leave any important point.

Page 2-4: follow your outline to write a 3-page analysis/summary for the article memo. Bolden the main and subsections in your analysis to clearly show you are exactly using your outline and not missing out important points.

Page 5: Use the documents attached with file names “file-1, file-2 and file-3” to write a one-page analysis and provide your insights into the contents of the article, The ECB, using the different ideologies of the British and American International Political Economy presented by some of the main authors of IPE from both sides, authors names included in the attached document. Show your understanding of the main ideologies of IPE from both American and British sides by incorporating your understanding of what is presented in the article.

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