Assignment 2: Written report of the design & development of an assessment instrument

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

**Sensation Seeking – Experience-seeking**

– CLEARLY define the psychological construct.

– The rationale/justification for designing the measure (why it is needed)

*Recognise there are 4 elements ie Thrill- and adventure-seeking, Disinhibition, Boredom, and Experience-seeking then narrow it down to Experience-seeking use a space limitation as a rationale.

– Identify possible Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) that could help you create and develop such a measure.

– Include the steps that you have taken to create the original pool of items

– The rationale/justification (with supporting references) for decisions that you made in the development of the measure relating to:
o Number of items in the scale
o The use of positively and/or negatively worded items
o Number of options in the response format
o Labelling of response options

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