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Question #1: There are no small or insignificant positions on the disaster recovery team. Look over the descriptions of the positions in the Team Members section of the chapter and select a position for which you think you are the most qualified. Consider all the functions of this position and identify those functions you would be best suited for — include briefly the qualifications you have that make suited for those functions. Which of the functions are you least suited for, and why?

Question #2
1.Put yourself in the position of having a home-based business. You may have one or two part-time employees, including family members. Describe the business that you have and what goods or services you provide.
2.Determine how you would best cover the key roles on a disaster recovery team.
3.Identify situations where you might lack resources or knowledge. Where would you get extra help?
4.The recovery locations in your situation may be quite different than for a large organization. What might you use as a recovery location for your home business?
5.Describe your team, your external resources, and your choice of recovery locations.

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