Assignment 3

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This assignment requires you to prepare an essay of approximately 1000�1500 words (4�6 pages) on the topic outlined below. The essay must be double spaced, typed in 12-point font, and with margins of no more than 1 inch. This essay must conform to the MLA style and follow the footnoting and documentation format described online at the Purdue Online Writing Lab.

Choose a media representation and identify how it constructs its audience. Use Graeme Turner�s analysis of Sarah Jackson�s �Hamid Karzai portrayal� as an exemplar.
Your essay should address the following three areas:
What do you believe the �preferred reading� will likely be, i.e., what kinds of roles/subject positions are viewers/listeners/readers expected to assume? what conclusions does the preferred reading encourage us to form about the topic represented?
Can you think of one or more alternative interpretations that could be based on the same representation? Provide examples.
Discuss some of the characteristics of both representations (texts) and audiences (readers) that make plural interpretations not only possible, but also probable.

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