Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements


·         apply the Engineering Design Process to create a conceptual design

·         create a problem definition statement for a design problem

·         use brainstorming techniques and other design tools to generate design alternatives

·         use decision matrix to select a design solution based on design criteria






Description and procedure:

You will work through all steps of the design process to create a conceptual design to help your client, an student given his experiences in a typical classroom about student chair problems.

A conceptual design is a complete design idea. You will need to consider the form (what does it look like?), function (what does it do? How does it function? How do different parts fit and work together?), and finish (what materials are you going to use?).



As an individual:

  • Write down a problem definition statement to this design problem (What do you think is the real problem here? Focus on what your design has to do.)
  • List design requirements
  • Write down criteria for a good design (What do you want to focus on?)
  • Brainstorm possible solutions, sketch them if possible
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