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Reading: Textbook sections 4, 5.5, 6.1 Problems from textbook: 1. Problem 4.2 2. Problem 4.8 3. Problem 5.18 4. Problem 5.23 5. Problem 6.12 (Hint: Use equations (5.53) and (5.113), the energy of a raised-cosine pulse with excess bandwidth α is Eg = (1 − α/4) T.) Problem 1: A bipolar signal si(t) ia a +1 V or −1 V pulse during the interval [0, T]. Additive white Gaussian noise having two-sided power spectral density pf 10−3 W/Hz is added to the signal. If the received signal is detected with a matched filter, determine the maximum bit rate that can be sent with a bit error probability of PB ≤ 10−3 .

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