Attacks on Networks

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In this conference, we will focus on typical attacks in the Internet affecting confidentiality, integrity and availability at various layers: Layer 1: Physical; Layer 2: Link; Layer 3: Network; Layer 4: Transport, and Layer 5: Application. (This is IP Layering; in IP layering, roughly Session, Presentation and Application of the OSI layers are combined into a single Application layer). Pick one layer and describe typical attacks in that layer and the controls that are employed in the layer to minimize the attack or vulnerability that leads to the attack. For example, in the link and network layers, there can be packet sniffing attacks, in the IP (network layer), there could be spoofing attacks, and in various layers, there could be denial of service attacks. Be as specific and as complete as possible and cite your reference materials in your response. You may create a new topic for your response or respond to someone’s topics expanding upon it or challenging it.

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