BEI AN SYX Strategic Management 2500words

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The first part of the module – and the first assignment – focussed on concepts of how organisations compete, formulate and choose their strategy. The second part of the module – and this assignment – deals with the how organisations implement their strategy and the role of culture, leadership, influencing stakeholders and related concepts which you have covered in the module in the success or failure of that strategy.
This assignment is “live” and organization based. The focus is on the later part of the module – that is ‘making strategy happen’ and the challenges of implementation of strategy. Obviously, these are related to strategy formulation and option choice.
You must choose ONE organization from the list below as a focus for your analysis and evaluation:
o Easyjet
o Debenhams
o Morrison

1. Using appropriate academic models and relevant case information from your research explain how the organization is making its strategy work? (30%)

2. Using appropriate academic models and relevant case information evaluate and analyse specific capabilities the organization has/ or may not have in meeting implementation challenges? (30%)
3. What is your overall assessment? Are there particular key success or failure factors? (25%)

4. Presentation, structure and link to the literature of your report. (15%)
Some Specific Guidelines:
• Do introduce what you are investigating, its purpose and its context. State your objective up front.
• Do be critical and reflective.
• Do be applied.
• Do make your discussion and argument coherent. Link them directly to issues raised.
• Do identify implications/lessons which arise from your evaluation.

Some General Guidelines:
This assignment is all about applying models and concepts to corporate issues in order to make your own judgments and conclusions. Use the models in an applied sense – do not describe them – and also be prepared to use them critically, e.g., modify or adapt them. You do not have to accept them blindly. We are also looking for your own ideas supported and guided by the models and case data so be bold in expressing your own opinions especially. It is up to you to select and apply the most useful models, obviously you cannot use all the models you will cover on the module; what you need to do is carefully choose a small number of relevant models and apply them in-depth.
Finally, pay attention to your writing style. I am asking you to conduct an assignment that could be presented to two audiences: your academic examiners and as a management report. Please therefore ensure:
o Do not “blindly” use models of change, culture, BSC, etc. Link and apply them to your story.
o Do reference properly using the Harvard standard;
o Ensure each paragraph links to the next one (use connective text where possible);
o Arguments are fully backed up and not left ’hanging”.
o Each question ends with a clear conclusion;
o Develop a ‘tight’ writing style that is unambiguous.

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