BOOK ANALYSIS (Belker, Loren B; Jim McCormick; and Gary S. Topchik. (2012) The First-Time Manager. Amacom.)

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BOOK ANALYSIS AND CRITIQUEYou will write an analysis and critique of a book listed below. This assignment will be due May 3, 2017 and is worth 20% of your final grade. You should aim to write a review approximately 5-7 doubled spaced pages long (standard 1 inch margins, Times New Roman font).
A “critique” is a brief, intelligent commentary designed to offer a discriminating judgment about
a piece of work. A critique seeks to identify and assess essential attributes of the work which are notably true, distinguished, of lasting significance, highly memorable, or the opposite of these standards. Criticism is therefore a profoundly analytic exercise and an excellent crucible for the development of management thinking. Good criticism involves positive as well as negative criticism. Thus, it is not necessary to demonstrate that the reviewed work is fraudulent or that the producer (i.e., the author of the book) is a fool in order to be convincing. Rather, the best criticism contains at least two aspects: 1. Identification of the essential take-aways, key arguments, or issues advanced by the producer. 2. An assessment of the work’s contributions. What is memorable or useful? Are the identified contributions still relevant today? Why or why not? A third aspect that is important for this book analysis would see to address: 3. How the insights from this book compare/contrast with the concepts and topics we

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