Book review

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Critically review three chapters from a relevant social work text to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of key issues in working with a chosen service user group

Specific guidelines:

• select three chapters from a relevant text to critically evaluate and review in conjunction with the module learning outcomes listed below.
• Follow the format of a book review in peer reviewed journals.
• Give an overview of the book, author, and intended audience before progressing into critically evaluating three chapters of your choice.
• Give a balanced critique weighing up the strengths and weaknesses against the learning outcomes.
• Draw on wider sources to support your arguments (literature and research)
• Use relevant literature to support your discussion
• Use APA referencing format
• Discussion around the contents of th chapter and comparison of the chapters and material they are discussion

Learning outcomes to follow:-

1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the current legislative and policy
2. context in relation to working with adults.
3. Demonstrate a critical understanding of, and an ability to assess, plan and
intervene effectively in relation to, a range of different adult service user groups.
4. Critically analyse and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the
knowledge, skills and values required in safeguarding adults, risk decision making and professional judgement.
5. Critically evaluate and apply a range of theories and intervention methods
to complex practice scenarios.
6. Critically examine the principles underpinning inter-professional work
with adult service user groups.
7. Demonstrate a critical understanding of issues and processes involved
whencommunicating and engaging with service users, their carers and families.

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