Business and corporation law

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QUESTION 1 – 10 MARKS  Richard, an impoverished university student, and his millionaire father enter into an arrangement where Richard agrees that he will keep the front- and backyards of the family property mowed, and he will ‘do a bit’ to keep the gardens looking tidy. In return, his father agrees to pay him a weekly allowance of $200. His father had previously used a garden contractor to do the job and paid him $350. They live on a one-hectare property, and the mowing alone takes half a day a week. After four weeks, Richard’s father tells him that he can’t afford to pay $200 a week. He says that Richard should be doing the work for nothing, as it is the responsibility of the whole family to look after the property; besides, he says, Richard is getting free board and lodging.   Advise Richard.

QUESTION 2 – 10 MARKS  Joe, a well-known film actor, entered into a contract with Frère Bros for a period of five years where he agreed to give his services exclusively to Frère Bros and not act in films for any other company during this period. During the first year of the agreement, Joe entered into a contract to star in a film being made by Pretty Pictures. Does Frère Bros have any remedy?

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