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Assignment Task
Task 1: Business start-up simulation exercise: Formative (LO1, LO2)
You will work in groups of 3 or 4 students in a simulated environment to accomplish various activities involved in running an Oligopoly business. Your business will operate in the UK restaurant Industry and your competitors are the other class groups. You MUST decide on roles amongst the group such as Head of Marketing, Head of Finance, and Managing Director and so on. The simulation will include the following;
• Business name and logo
• Business description
• Select form of organisation.
• Identify recruitment and training needs
• Conduct competition analysis.
• Identify marketing and promotion strategies
• Develop budget
• Make management decisions throughout the simulation.
You should not use an existing business name or logo. Each group will act as the competition to the rest of other groups in class. Your tutor will play the role of a banker or investor and shall provide the initial start-up cost.
Simulations will run from week 5 to week 8 during tutorials. You must form your groups by week 4 and have it approved by your tutor. Anybody who cannot find a group must inform the tutor and will be allocated one by the tutor.
You must belong to a group and participate in simulation exercises in order to complete Task 2 of this assessment.
TASK 2: Graded
Based on your active participation in the group simulation exercise, write a reflective report on your overall experience which must cover the following areas:
A) Conduct a STEEPLE analysis on your Oligopolistic simulated business organisation. (25 marks) (PartofLO1)

B) Discuss the influence of the above environmental factors on the business start-up and any one of the growth strategies with a particular emphasis on the governmental impact on the Industry in terms of regulating the competition within the industry. (30 marks) (PartofLO2, LO3)

C) Write up a reflection on your simulated business experience, explain what went wrong in terms of planning and decision making. Produce an action plan to overcome the issues highlighted. (25 marks) (PartofLO2)

Your report should consist of the following sections:
• The introduction which explains what the report is all about and covers the scope of what is to be covered in the report.(250 words) (10 marks)
• The Main body which sets out in a complete and professional structure your responses to parts a,b and c of task 2 outlined above (e.g. using headings, sub-headings, in-text citations, tables, figures, etc.).(1500 words) (80 marks)
• Conclusion and Recommendations (250 words) (10 marks)
• Bibliography showing all your references in Harvard format.
• Appendix

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