Business Research

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Write a developed research proposal:
1. Abstract � should include a one-paragraph detailed abstract of 150 or fewer words. The abstract should describe the purpose of the research, theoretical basis of the hypotheses, analyses, and implications of the findings.
2. Introduction � Discuss the background to the research problem, provide a justification for the research. Sections should include: Statement of the research problem; Research aims; Significance of the study
3. Literature Review � Review the key literature to identify what work has been completed and published in the research area.
4. Research Design and Methodology � Likely or preferred methods with reasons and justification. Research design. Develop research questions and/or research hypotheses. Describe instrumentation. List procedures including sources of data (likely sources such as organisations, institutions and populations), sample selection, data collection.
5. Data Analysis � Outline potential ways that the data could be organised.(You do not have to undertake actual data collection or analysis but it should be clear how you would do both)
6. Expected Resources � Budget (e.g. equipment, software or field work costs); Timeframe and conditions required to complete the research (e.g. field trips, access to archives etc.)
7. Research Project Plan � Schedule or timeline of activities.
8. References � Harvard style referencing style. Where applicable, author(s) name(s), journal title/book title, chapter title/article title, year of publication, volume number/book chapter and the pagination must be present. Use of DOI is highly encouraged.

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