BUSS 406 Operations Management

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This exam consists of 7 questions and is worth a total of 100 points. Answer all questions. Answers to questions are to be typed, single spaced, of length no more than 1⁄2 page for each of the seven questions, with 1″ margins and type point not less than 12.

1) (10 points) There are three primary ways to achieve competitive advantage. Provide an example, not included in the text, of each. Support your choices.

2) (15 points) How can we determine the probability that a project will be completed by a certain date? What assumptions are made in this computation?

3) (15 points) What three methods are used to determine the accuracy of any given forecasting method? How would you determine whether time-series regression or exponential smoothing is better in a specific application?

4) (15 points) Describe four organizational approaches to product development. Which of these is generally thought to be best?

5) (15 points) Name some of the advances being made in technology that enhance production and productivity.

6) (15 points) Although all organizations may make the location decision infrequently, there are some organizations that make the decision quite regularly and often. Provide one or two examples. How might their approach to the location decision differ from the norm?

7) (15 points) What layout variables would you consider particularly important in an office layout where computer programs are written?

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