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Simply answer the questions from given reading material. State what you think from the reading. Don’t need to do research.


Malaysia Airlines: The Marketing Challenge After MH370 and MH17  

The Objective of the case is to explore Marketing Decisions in Asia.

  1.   Faced with prospective restructuring options, namely rebranding, a merger, bankruptcy and privatization – how should each be weighted to save MAS from monetary and non-monetary losses?
  2.   Of the three likely pricing strategies (increasing value, decreasing ticket prices and undertaking both), which would you choose if you were the CEO of MAS in order to retain and attract customers?
  3.   What is value communication?  How could such a strategy be leveraged to restore MAS’s market share?
  4.   Could change management bring about the desired transformation of MAS, particularly in terms of customer perception?  In what contexts could change occur?
  5.   Bearing in mind the potential of the travel and tourism industry in Malaysia, can diversification into this arena help MAS retain its market share?
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