Case analysis

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The Case Study should be presented as a professional report to a client. Use APA formatting for the body and references. You can use the following headings for your Case Study Analysis Report.

    1. Objective of the case
    2. Introduction:Brief Introduction to the case.
  1. Company Background:Introduce the company, its background, important people etc. If not much information is given in the case, this part could be included in the introduction. But it is preferable and recommended that you have a separate section.
  2. External Environment Analysis:Your analysis must cover all three sub-environments of external environments. At the end of this analysis you will identify the opportunities and threats to the firm.
    1. General Environment:Here you have to discuss the effect of the seven applicable factors of the general environment on the firm and its strategy (present and future).
    2. Industry Environment:In this part you may like to analyze the firm using Michael Porter’s 5 Forces model. You will also discuss the entry barriers in this industry.
    3. Competitor Environment:In this part you will identify the competitors, analyze their strategies, capabilities, competitive advantage, market share etc.
  3. Internal Environment Analysis:Internal environment analysis leads to identification of Strengths and Weaknesses. Your analysis must identify:
    1. Resources
    2. Capabilities
    3. Core Competencies
    4. Whether the firm has sustainable competitive advantage or not?
    5. Analyzing the firm using Value Chain analysis.
  4. SWOT Analysis:Summarize the outcomes from 4 and 5 above.
  5. Business Level Strategy:
    1. Identify their business level strategy from the five generic strategies
    2. Discuss the effectiveness or otherwise
    3. Measures to improve the effectiveness
  6. Competitive Dynamics:
    1. Comment on market commonality and resource similarity
    2. First mover advantage
    3. Competitive dynamics (fast, slow, standard cycle markets)
  7. Corporate Level Strategy:
    1. Identify their Corporate level strategy basing on the level of diversification
    2. Discuss the effectiveness or otherwise of Corporate Level strategy
    3. What can be done to improve the effectiveness
  8. Acquisition and Restructuring Strategies:
    1. Discuss all the acquisitions and comment on whether their acquisition strategies are successful.
    2. Discuss the factors behind the success or failure
    3. Discuss the restructuring initiatives if there is any
  9. International Strategy:
    1. Discuss the international corporate strategies
    2. Discuss determinants of international entry using Porter’s Diamond Model
    3. Assess the effectiveness of international entry strategy
    4. Comment on the international risk the firm is facing
  10. Organizational Structures and Controls:
    1. Comment on effectiveness of organizational structures
    2. Comment on effectiveness of strategic controls
    3. Comment on effectiveness of financial controls
  11. Strategic Leadership:
    1. Discuss the performance of strategic leadership.
  12. Strategic Entrepreneurship:
    1. Discuss recent entrepreneurial actions taken
  13. Findings:
    1. A summary of your findings about the case in a logical sequence and referring to supporting evidence
  14. Recommendations:
    1. Suggest up to 3 alternatives strategies to improve the firm’s performance
    2. Recommend the best strategy
    1. Layout the implementation road map
    2. Explain the assumptions (if any) and required actions
  15. Conclusion

References: If you include additional information from other sources that provide greater currency to the cased, it would be considered as value added and will get you better marks).

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