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Writing Assignment for CJC 131, you are directed to read Appendix A: How to Brief a Case in your textbook. Read this section carefully and make sure you understand how they are telling you to write a brief. You shall prepare a 2 page (min) brief on 4 cases that are listed in the Table of Cases in the textbook. I suggest you choose cases that are captioned State v. X or Commonwealth v X or United States v. X. These are more likely criminal cases as opposed to civil actions. Pick cases from different chapters of the text so you are looking at different issues. There are plenty of cases, so you should be able to find four cases easily. Generally you can find these cases by simply Googling the case name. DTCC′s Library has access to WestLaw (which is a legal database used by most of the legal community) and I have attached the Legal Resources from our textbook (view/print this in landscape. To go to a weblink, hold down the CTRL and click the link.)

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