Challenges and opportunities in community practice

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

This assessment asks you to explore a key debate in community work.
The essay should demonstrate the student’s ability to link theory with practice. Some examples include: the meaning of “community”; relations with the State; the impact of neo-liberalism and contracting; do we make a difference/evaluating community work; a comparison of different practice frameworks.
Students may draw on a previous community work practice in which they have participated
and critically reflect on their involvement.(My previous work is a hospital social worker in Saudi Arabia).
* Assessment criteria:
1. Demonstrates engagement with current and emerging community work policy and practice
issues 2. Draws on ideas, readings and materials presented in the course and beyond(I will upload this).
3.Demonstrates a high level of critical self-reflection 4. Demonstrates a high level of analysis and is written in a coherent and scholarly manner, with appropriate referencing.

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