Character Analysis

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Option 1: Single Character Analysis
Now that you have observed the attributes of the characters in the short stories �A&P� and �Greasy Lake,� write a character-analysis essay in which you analyze one major or minor character from any short story in Chapter 21: �Fiction for further reading.�� Use specific language from Chapters 14 and 17 when crafting your analysis. What �type� of character are you analyzing?� How are language and the style/tone of the story used to formulate the character?� Is the story reflective of the character, or the character of the story? How would a reader from another country or culture potential draw different conclusions about the characters in these stories? Your response should be 3-4 pages.
For a successful paper:
Have a strong thesis statement at the end of your introduction paragraph.
Use a �hook� in the introduction paragraph to grab your readers� attention.
Use specific textual support from the short story in the body of your paper.
Finish with a strong conclusion that summarizes your main points, restates the thesis in some way, and possibly returns to the initial �hook.�

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