Classical School of Criminology and Present Day Crime and Crime Prevention

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

The primary argument of the classical school of criminology is that offenders commit crimes due to rational choice. As discussed in the Classical School of Criminology video, rational choice theory focuses on offenders weighing the risks versus rewards prior to engaging in a criminal act (Dorsey, 2013). If the risks are low and the rewards are high, the offender will engage in the crime. However, if the risks are high and the reward is low, the offender generally will not engage in the offense. In addition to the aforementioned, the classical school of criminology also contends that punishment is the primary way to deter crime. In order for punishment to be effective, it must be swift, severe, and certain.
In your paper,
• Explain how crime can be prevented as it relates to the beliefs of the classical school of criminology;
• Assess the major components of the classical school of crime causation;
• Discuss specific and general deterrence as it relates to the presence of punishment and the challenges to create deterrence in today’s society; and
• Discuss how risk can be increased and rewards decreased as it relates to conventional crimes and the rational choice theory.

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