Compare and contrast two artwork based on gender and identity

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Find twoartworks, one old and one new, that you can justify shares the same Common Cultural Theme. See your interactive Course Calendar for themes and their due dates.Once your two images are embedded, include the following informationkeeping the numerals:
1) Clearly label the two works of art. Give credit to the artist, date, historical period in which the work was made.
2) Name their Common Cultural Theme (See course Calendar).
3) Describe both and clearly state to which you are referring. Name what is namable andany shared stylistic motifs that justify their sharing the same Common Cultural Theme.
4) Clearly denote each work’s city and country of origin. What visual styles do they share or what do you see that might distinguish differences in taste for the two works.
5) Name the physical substances of the work (the paper, ink, draftsmanship, sometimes we call this the media and/or descriptive techniques involved in making each work)
6) Discuss the work’s conceptual content (the narrative situation, events, and any events or historical circumstances surrounding their making.
7) Discuss any emotional response one or both works of art has on you. None is not acceptable because this is what your peers will be responding to in order to begin to get a handle on “What Ideals You Hold True” for the Project Assignment.
Read what your peers compare and contrast and find out where you agree or disagree! All of the Common Cultural Theme Discussions remain open for back and forth conversation (they all close on the same date), but it is expected you will post during the week a theme is assigned so a discussion can ensue.See the Canvas Rubric forgrading criteria.

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