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Part 1` Mining Enterprise is a small company with 15 employees. They have just opened shop in a small office complex. They need to install a LAN, because they have an information database that all the employees use,, for purpose of payroll, accounting, and for the geological informational database. Because money is fairly tight, the company decides to spend as little as possible to setup its network.
Part II. Now, two years after its first LAN, Enterprise Mining needs to expand. Business has been very good, and employees ate extremely productive working on an efficient LAN. The problem is, though, that there is no office space left for Enterprise Mining on its present floor.( It is currently on the 2nd floor). Enterprise Mining needs to connect its LAN on the second floor with the LAN on the 22nd floor. Although business is good, Enterprise Mining is still a little tight for cash.
Part III. It is now five years later. Enterprise Mining has expanded even further. It now operates on eight different floors. Each floor is almost like its own business unit, but a fair bit of data is still transferred between the different floors. Also, some industrial espionage rumors have begun to circulate, so security is of importance. The budget can be sacrificed to a degree for security, but the sky is not the limit.
Part IV. No requirements has expanded into washing carpets as well(nothing like a diversified company). They now have a fleet of trucks that roam around town, downloading information between the head office and the trucks. The carpet cleaning business is very competitive, and Enterprise Mining does not want the competition to be able to intercept any information.
1. Give the issue of each Part and Analysis 2. Give the possible transmission media needed for each Part and explain why. 3. What network topology would be possible for each Part.

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