Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

1.��� It is being argued that China�s economy is �unbalanced�. Provide reasons why this might be the case and explain how this may affect future growth.

2.��� Free trade leads to optimal outcomes and therefore intervention in trade is not justifiable. Critically evaluate this assertion.

3.��� To what extent does the institutional framework explain differences in growth and development between nations in the global economy?

The questions to be structured as follows:

a)����� Introduction (200 words)

b)����� Critical review (1100 words)(to include minimum of 3 citations in each question, in this section it�s important to provide original and critical contents throughout this section. Must present real life examples or cases.)

c)������ Conclusion (200 words)

d)����� References (minimum 6 per answer � Harvard style)

Each question should be 1,500 words. All questions will require explanations.

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