Critical thinking:Complete the following assignment based on the concepts from week 1 to exercise your understanding of deduction, induction, and Writing Advantage.

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The CEO of your financial services company has tasked you with hiring a new mid-level manager. He has also instructed you not to hire any current college business majors or any recent business school graduates who have not had any previous employment experience because, according to him, “they do not have the basic critical thinking skills necessary to be good managers”.

Write a one-page letter to the CEO to persuade him that he should allow you to consider business school students and recent graduates as candidates. Consider how (via what techniques) the CEO arrives at his opinion, and include the possibility of additional alternatives in your planning and final paper. Your letter should be planned with a Writing Advantage Document Planner (an editable version can be found on the course Resources page), and should be designed using the Writing Advantage principles.

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