csr vs sustainable development

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

you should write a literature review according to csr and sustainable development, the main topic of this theme is depending on the references, mainly depend on Banerjee, you must read at least 35 references according to the theme, these two concepts should be defined clearly, the references below should be read and included in the literature review
1.corporate social responsibility: the good, the bad, and the ugly (Banerjee.S.B.)2007
2.Banerjee(2008),CSR, the good, the bad and the ugly, critical sociology,34(1),51-79
3.Linstead,et.al,2009,management&organisation(2nd edition),chapter 5
References of Banerjee.S.B should be fully included and he has posted many other journals, which regarding to the csr and sustainable development should all be read and cited, please read as many references as you can and write a good literature review, furthermore, you should add a table sheet including all the concepts, theories, results, key idea.

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