culture and organization

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

A brief background to the organization and its environment (10 marks) (250 words)
(What is the type of industry?
What is the home-base of this company?
What is the mission statement of this company?
What is the line of product/service that this company is selling?
Which overseas markets does this company serve?)

2. An Introduction to the focus of the report (the issue)
(10 marks) (200 words)
Issue of the essay: The central issue of this essay is to examine why and how UNIQLO Stand out from other brand in terms of high retention employee rate and outstanding customer service.

(What will you learn from looking at this chosen issue?
Why do you think this issue is important/justified to be learned in culture context?
How and what does this company done to make this issue happens?

3. Theoretical framework
A brief argument which explains/justifies why you have chosen Mckinsey 7S Model instead of 1 Harrison model that you considered but have rejected (10 marks) (500 words)

Why not choose Harrison model, it include four categories: task, power, and person cultures.
It can only explain important categories of four culture. E.g. the power is not important because the decision making of organization structure are not centralization


4. Explain model main concept (def.) : Mckinsey 7S Model 250w

An explanation of your chosen theoretical framework that you will use to analyse the organization, including its main concepts (20 marks) (250 words)
(What is the major elements and DISCUSS CHARACTERISTICS OF EACH CULTURAL ELEMENT Paste the model into your assignment)

Mckinsey 7S Model:
Shared Values
5. Application
An analysis of the issue which uses the chosen theoretical framework and concepts (30 marks) (1500 words)

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