Curriculum and assessment: a picture of these practices in pre-schools and primary early years

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Define the role of curriculum and assessment in the 3-5 year old Pre-school, and 5-8 Primary School early years settings. Examine the nature of the curriculum and assessment relationship in these settings, considering the similarities and differences between them. How does the relevant theory on curriculum and assessment apply to the settings?

• to demonstrate your understanding of curriculum and assessment,
• to clearly understand the relationship between curriculum and assessment,
• to recognise how these are used in the 3-5 year old setting and early primary years.

• Demonstrates an ability to discuss the role of curriculum and assessment in the early years
• Shows an understanding of the similarities and differences of curriculum and assessment in early years settings
• Demonstrates an awareness of children and families involvement in curriculum and assessment
• Integrates and critically engages with ideas expressed in wider reading (minimum of 15 references)

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