Curriculum Design and evaluation – Education

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Review and evaluate an existing nursing curriculum (one that you teach or have a particular interest in) from within the adult education sector for the purpose of identifying improvements that facilitate learning. Then outline your reason for redesigning the particular components you identified. Remember to draw on the concepts in google scholarly literature, and your own reflections.


The analysis should include the following:

? A brief profile of the students and an evidence-based analysis of how

well the subject meets their needs

? An analysis of the current delivery methods (face-to-face, blended, online, etc.) which includes an analysis of technologies used (if relevant)

? A description of the learning activities and how they relate to the learning outcomes

? An analysis of why the learning activities are appropriate for the context

? An analysis of how well the assessment tasks are aligned with the outcomes and learning activities.

? An analysis of how well the assessment tasks are aligned to current learning theory.

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