Data Collection and Evaluation Tools for an Operations Improvement Plan

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements
Write a report which includes an abstract and the following:

�Provide a brief overview of some of the possible tools, techniques, and resources for collecting real or anticipated data about the process of improving an OIP which targets safety improvements, and improved internal and external communication regarding the Toyota Accelerator Crisis of 2010.
�Select the most appropriate tools for collecting the data one would need to measure an OIP’s effectiveness. Be sure to consider the kinds of data most suitable for a measurement strategy. Justify your selection, explaining why these tools are the most appropriate for an OIP. Include the following as appendices in your report as support for your decision.
?Prototype (or template) of the tools proposed.
?Realistic (either real or simulated) data sample using your collection tool.

�Describe your data collection and evaluation process, both prior to the implementation of your OIP and during it. Be sure to connect the data collection and evaluation process to the measurement strategy.
�Analyze the kinds of information you would expect to gather through this data and through your measurement strategy as a whole. Your analysis should detail how the results enhance, support, or change an OIP.

Please be certain that the paper:
1. Explains tools, techniques, and resources for collecting data about a process; explanation includes benefits and limitations of each.
2.Justifies the selection of specific tools for gathering data about a process.
3. Describes, in detail, a data collection and evaluation plan for use with an OIP; description includes details on how the data collection and evaluation plan fits with a broader measurement strategy and discusses that strategy.
4. Analyzes how specific elements within a data collection plan inform or support specific elements of an OIP; analysis identifies assumptions and areas where information is still unknown.

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