Data Mining theory and application using employment website seek

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Part A: You are required to read the articles/slides below and your lecture notes on data mining then answer the following questions. atamining.htm Question 1: Define data mining and describe three applications in your own words.(5 marks) Question 2:List the five major elements of data mining. Provide an example of each element, for example, element 1 is extracting, transforming, and loading transaction data onto the data warehouse system. Data on mobile phone sales can be extracted, transformed into categories, e.g. brand, size, etc., and placed onto a database or warehouse. (10 marks) Question 3:Using the articles you have read, write a paragraph in your own words on five issues (problems) with data mining. (5 marks) See the KBS Harvard referencing guide Part B: With the knowledge you have gained on data mining, you are to perform a few data mining tasks using the employment website seek. The aim is to provide summary statistics and information on accounting positions across Australia.

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