Describe how gender stereotypes and gendered skills have played a role in the hiring of women in third world factories?

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  1. How has gender subordination “intensified” for women factory workers.
  2. what does the author mean by a “recomposition of a new form of gender subordination?
  3. Discuss the struggles women workers in maquiladora’s face.
  4. Summarize Maria’s overall experience in the Maquiladora and focus on one or two issues that interested you the most.
  5. What is femicide? How have neo-liberal economic policies in Mexico affected employment patterns/opportunities, gender relations, and rates of violence?
  6. How has violence affected governance?
  7. What is the Zapatista movement – under what conditions did the Zapatista movement arise?
  8. How is the Zapatista movement different from past Marxist/Lennist movements?
  9. Discuss the Zapatista’s stance on women in the movement?

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