Describe the political climate in a chosen country

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Question 1 (150-200 words):

Describe the political climate in your chosen country.  Does your country’s leadership demonstrate a credible commitment to health services?  If yes, how?  If no, why not?


Question 2(150-200 words):

Describe the constraints on your country’s ability to provide health services.  For instance, is your country under structural adjustment?  To what extent does the country dictate its own policies?


Question 3 (200-300 words) :

Describe the current national capacity (state of systems and services) that exists in response to your chosen disease (e.g., level of human resources available, health and other relevant infrastructure, types of interventions provided).


Question 4 (150-200 words):

Name the main non-governmental and international agencies involved in national responses to your chosen disease/condition in-country, and describe their main programs.


Question 5 (150-200 words):

Does this work supplement national health systems effectively?  How does the work of these other entities impact health systems nationally?  Does the work of other organizations possibly interfere with the work of the government?


Question 6 (150-200 words):

Does the government appear, from past and current actions, genuinely committed to addressing your chosen disease?


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