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You have recently joined an online retailer as a Digital Marketing Consultant. As part of your first project, you are required to support the company to design a new digital marketing strategy to help to build relationship and target more customers. The company director has got budget to invest on Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Content Marketing. For the online retailer of your choice, produce a report that addresses the following three tasks: Part One Social Media Marketing (up to 1500 words) Identify how Facebook Marketing and Twitter Marketing can be used to build• customer relationship and discuss which platform is most effective to reinforce customer retention. L1&3 Identify the core stages that need to be considered to develop an effective Social• Media Marketing Strategy and explain the aims of each stage with particular focus on the measuring and analytics stages. L3&5 Analyse how both Social Media Marketing and traditional Marketing can be used to• reinforce the organisation marketing strategy. L1 (40 marks) Part Two Mobile Marketing (up to 1250 words) Critically assess the range of opportunities that a mobile environment could provide• to the online retailer. Discuss the reasons why mobile devices are used and the resulting impact on Marketing Communications decisions. L4 (30 marks) Part Three Content Marketing (up to 1250 words) Critically explain the role of Content Marketing and examine how it can be used to• attract customers and build relationship with the target audience. L3 Discuss the relevant laws the organisation would need to consider when developing• content marketing across various platforms. L2 (30 marks)

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