Discuss the ways in which the relationship between the Italian and Chinese communities is depicted in Shun Li and The Poet.

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Shan Li and the Poet-relationship between the Italian and the Chinese communities?
>relationship between the characters as a microcosm of the Italian – Chinese relationship?or the opposite
>is there love story? or just an affectionate friendship?
>Italo-centric\Venician-centric/representation of the Chinese community-stereotypical?
>aesthetic choices to represent docility
>Chinese Mafia?-dimensions of the Chinese community+Chinese capitalism opened up 30-40 years ago(began to embrace the capitalism in the way the Western Community understands it)-aggressive capitalism masked through communism
>a larger discourse on racism.
some knowledge about the movie director;
Andrea Segre/ Shun Li and The Poet
>documentary film-maker
>legacy of neorealism-realism(poetic realism) mis-enscene!
>engage art
>verisimilitude in representing the migrant condition
>paradox: how could an affectionate friendship become a course for a rapture in the relationship between the two communities.

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