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Discussion Assignment 1
Question 1:
1. What do you think are the major changes shaping the contemporary world and what do you think their impact is on Management?
2. What happens to one’s sense of individuality in organisations?
3. How is your world flat?
Question 2:
Schwartz (1992) argues individuals generally have the same set of values but prioritise them differently. Think carefully about the following:
1. How do individuals prioritise in the organisation?
2. To what extent is this influenced by personality?
3. How important is it for a manager to understand the values of their team? Does this affect performance?
Your response for each question should be in the form of a written response (each 500 words)
Discussion Assignment 2
Question 1:
Some writers advocate culture as a unifier of organisations whilst others see it as a divider. Using relevant theories and personal experiences discuss:
1. The extent to which culture is a unifier and / or divider
2. The challenges and opportunities a strong culture within an organisation creates
Question 2:
1. Can culture be managed or is it just ‘out there’?
2. What might it mean to say a nation culture exists in organisations? Use examples from your own workplace.

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