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Discussion 1
“Securing Wireless Access” Please respond to the following:
• Examine at least three (3) risks associated with using public wireless access points to gain access to a corporate network. Provide one (1) real-world example that demonstrates the severity of the identified risks.
• Based on the risks you have identified in Part 1 of this discussion, suggest the approach you would use to mitigate those types of risks. Justify the use of your suggested approach.
Discussion 2
“Impact of Browsers on Web Design” Please respond to the following:
• Due to the internal style sheets of some browsers, your Website may look different to someone who is using Firefox as opposed to Internet Explorer. Imagine that you are a Web designer. Explain how would you address this problem and eradicate these inconsistencies.
• Imagine that you are Web designer for a company of your choice (travel, bank, pet food, hair salon, high school, college, landscaper, retail store, etc.). Identify the company and describe what you would check to ensure that a Website is compatible with most browsers.
Discussion 3
“Layouts and Access” Please respond to the following:
• Envision that you have been asked to create a Website for a bookstore that sells e-Books. Taking into consideration how customers might log in to shop, determine the type of layout you would use. Explain how you came to this decision.
• From the e-Activity, analyze the difference between designing a Website that will be accessed primarily by computer users, to designing a Website that will be accessed primarily by iPhone users. Predict how designing a Website for iPhone users would impact margins, padding, boarders, and positioning elements.

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