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Answer the questions in complete sentences, questions 1 & 3 use Chapters 3 & 4 of the textbook as your reference:

1. Review the seven different emphases of servant leadership in chapter 3 of your textbook. Which emphasis was most divergent from your view about servant leadership and which was most convergent? Explain your response.

2. You just completed the first topic in your PSC-410 class. You are excited about what you have learned so far. You try to share your excitement with your supervisor and tell him you are taking a servant leadership class. His response is, “Servant leadership is overrated. You can’t get any real work done that way, you know. Cuddling people and being a soft leader will not get you very far.” You brush off his remark, but decide to revisit the subject with him later because you believe he has the wrong view about servant leadership. How do you think you would approach your supervisor on the subject? What should you say?

3. Sendjaya, in chapter 4 of your textbook, argues that servant leadership is a holistic and multidimensional approach to leading. What does the author mean?

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