Dissertation Chapter – Discussion, Other

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

Part 1

Read this article and write two paragraphs summarizing its content. (Please be aware that this article does not use APA formatting so do not use it as an example when you are developing your APA-style citations for this assignment.)

In the first paragraph, use several quotations to highlight the main points of the article.
In the second paragraph, use paraphrase only to highlight the main points of the article.
Remember to use APA-style in-text citations where appropriate in each paragraph. The complete reference entry for this article is below.

A refresher about citing sources is available on the Academic Resources page under Course Home.

Part 2

When you have finished your first two paragraphs about the article, consider the readings from this module and do the following:

Describe an efficient filing system to store a large number of Word documents on your personal PC.
Your initial response should be at least 150 words. Each of your follow-up responses should be at least 50 words.


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