DQ Wk 5

Paper , Order, or Assignment Requirements

1. The benefits of case management collaboration?

2. What strategies can be used to involve a client in the treatment process? Why is client involvement so important?

3. How would you determine when a case is ready to be closed? What must a client have achieved before a case can be closed? What consequences could closing a case too early have?

4. Why is it important to determine appropriate treatment plan goals and objectives? How can you determine if the client’s needs have been met and if a treatment plan was an adequate approach for them?

5. Why is it important for case managers to follow up with clients?

6. What’s the purpose of goal’s & objectives to deliver a service plan to the client?

7. why is it important to have client participation and collaboration?

8. Develop a client treatment plan that outlines the criteria needed to achieve quality service delivery.

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